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This is our new website. We have launched this because we soon hope to convert over to a subscription-based website, that holds most of our exclusive content. Don’t worry, we will still be posting to our channel. But for those of you wanting to see everything we post, you will be able to subscribe. The subscription is only $5 a month. This is a project started by us to attempt to grow¬†as a company. We aim to produce unique, entertaining content for our members, and everyone else who views our content. We are dedicated to our work, and we will continue to use our time producing content for your entertainment, as that is our main goal. We aim to entertain. While entertaining the community, we also aim to give back. We take pride in where we’re from and we will make it a priority to give back – whether it be through charities, fundraisers, or other events. A subscription would mean a lot to us as a company, and would also benefit the community in the long run. We aim to post content on our website soon and frequently, so get subscribed and stay tuned!